Sync Error with Stock Email Client


Just recently  I bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB online and had it shipped. This was about 3 weeks ago.  Everything on the phone is working fine except the account within the stock email client that came with the phone.  When I tap into the app to start it up and go to my Verizon inbox, I have no new emails displaying and at the bottom there is a little notification that says "Email Sync Disabled (Verizon)".  After seeing this, I go into the settings and I see that the sync option isn't checked (even though I know I checked it).  So I’ll re-check it and the emails will come through just fine.  But then some time later, when I go back to check emails, the same thing will happen.  I have to go back into settings to turn sync BACK on.  No matter what I do, sync won't stay on. In the drop down notifications panel, auto sync IS enabled.  I don’t touch that.  In my data usage area, auto sync is enabled for both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.  Upon further investigation, in the settings>accounts>email menu, my Verizon account doesn't even show up and I can't add it.  The account is sitting in my email app, but the other menu says I don’t have one....

Anyone know how to fix this? This is getting really annoying as I am missing MANY important emails.  None of the threads that I have read are exactly my problem so decided to open a new one.


Btw, all of my other email accounts/other accounts/etc. are working and syncing just fine.  This problem is only with the account.

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Re: Sync Error with Stock Email Client


Try (Phone) Settings > Accounts and see if the account is there and removable.

If not you could clear the data for the email application. This will remove all the settings and information for all of the accounts you had setup. You will have to setup the email accounts again.

Have you verified the mobile server settings for your email address?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.