I have bought three Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 phones in the US. This was purchased via the corporate program. I was told this is a global phone and I cannot use GSM SIM cards if I am in India.

Verizon also told me the phone would be global only after the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. The phone is upgraded with the newest verzion of 4.1.2.

Now, the phones are in India. I insert the local GSM Sim (Airtel / Vodafone) and cannot seem to be make it work.

1. With Airtel SIM, I played around with the Global Network Mode and GSM and CDMA etc.. I seem to get Airtel listed as a network and when I select it, it says "unable to connect, try later". The same happens whatever I do.

1. With Vodafone SIM, I inserted the SIM, turned on, set it to Global and it picks up the network in a jiffy BUT when I make a call it says Mobile Network not available or when someone calls to this number says it's switched off, but the tower comes up and says Vodafone IN at the top but nothing happens.

I then searched XDA, I found solutions for the APN settings etc.. and the Phone Info tool to change it to Global etc.. but nothing seems to be working.

I called Verizon Global Support and they do their usual blah blah and says that if their SIM works and since there is no other complaint they cannot do anything about it. Local carrier support in India have no clue at all.

I have seen in the forum that some say it works in India with an Airtel SIM too but why not me. Just in case I bought a new replacement SIM from Airtel 64k and that doesnt work too. I bought a Tata Docomo SIM and that doesnt pick up the signal too.

I need urgent help since I have bought three phones and all three of them doesnt work. This is bad promise from Verizon. And this is phone is not truly global afterall, they just do it for selling the junk. Very BAD Verizon.

Phone details:

Model: SCH I535 ZKB
Samsung Galaxy SIII Black, 16GB