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I have been a long term customer of verizon and honestly I was eager to get fios in my apt because of your customer service. But as of today I am done with Verizon. I preordered a phone via chat because once I started discussing the details around the preorder with the person on the chat my phone was locked from me being able to process the order myself. So I did a second chat to order my phone. The person on the chat didn't enter my tradein so I had to call back to figure that out and was told that after I get my phone I can go apply for the trade in at a verizon location. Fine. Then Fedex tried to deliver my phone and I missed it because it was on a Friday in the middle of the day when I'm at work. So I called that evening (3/8) and asked for Verizon to try to hold my phone at a Fedex location. I was told that she would try and text me back. I did not hear back from Verizon. So after fedex tried and missed a second time on Monday (3/11) I decided to try to reroute the phone. I called early 3/12 and requested a change of address. I was put on a call with Fedex customer service and Verizon customer service where I was told that the phone would be rerouted within 24-48 hours. Today on 3/14 I called again to inquire about my phone on 2 separate occasions. The first time I was put on hold. The second time I was told that my phone is on the way back to your Texas warehouse. So I asked to speak with the supervisor who was incredibly curt and tried to make it seem like this was my mistake for not being at home when the phone was delivered. While I agree that I missed the first time around I have since tried to remedy the situation as best I can but the lack of communication and the pointing the finger at me has gone too far. Given all the delays it's very likely that i've also missed Samsung's promotion for the free earbuds. But who knows. I need someone from Verizon to remedy this. This has been a giant inconvenience and waste of my time and if anything I seem to have lost out on some freebies as a result. I will keep writing every single day and will start escalating to other social media until this is fixed. Thank you!

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I pre-ordered the phone as well February 27th.  I was told I would get the phone March 8th.  Come March 8th, they tried to take the money out of my Paypal but couldn't so as soon as they sent me an email, I paid with my debit card.  Okay.... I call and everything seemed fine.  Monday I got on chat with a rep and she told me she did not see where I paid the $32.70 even though I had a receipt.  So, she put me through to someone else.. the same.  I call Verizon... they tell me they don't see where I paid and after arguing with them about it, they finally told me they do see it and everything will be fine.  The next day... I get a call which went to voice mail and it is someone from Verizon telling me that I did not pay my upgrade fee and my pre-order was going to be canceled.  I call Verizon back and they tell me, oh that is wrong, we would not of called you.  Okay... it came from their number, they had all the information.... so... I got on chat with them.  The nightmare starts all over again... the girl tells me she doesn't see where I paid so I probably would not get the phone March 20th.  I am angry at this point.  She puts me through to customer care and they said they do see where I have paid and it is all okay.  She even  sent me a text and email with the information.  So... I am good, right?!  You would think... until the next day I get another call from Verizon and they said the same thing, I have not paid and my pre order would be canceled.  By this point, I am really angry.  So I call.... the girl tells me she doesn't see the payment and honestly she acted like she didn't care.  I told her I had proof I paid... so she put me over the the 2nd girl and this girl had an attitude from the start.  With her attitude and me already highly angry off, I did tell her what I thought and told her if I did not have my phone March 20th I would take my four lines somewhere else.  I have been with Verizon 12 years and the majority of their customer service reps are rude.  They don't tell you the same thing, each one tells you something different.  I told that girl to give me her address and I woudl email her my receipt... after an attitude she did.. her last name was rodiquez.  I told her I was sick of them calling me and telling me that I did not pay when I know and could prove that I did.  She said... we wouldn't call you and we don't have a girl by that name (talking about the girl that sent me a text.)  So, I asked her if that was the case I didn't know who the heck I was talking to because I called the exact same number that called me.  Before I knew it, a guy named Ryan was on the line.  The Rodiguez girl didn't tell me bye, I am transferring you or nothing... but I am glad she did.  Ryan listened to me as I gave him heck and was livid.  I told him the same thing, I am going to leave Verizon because I am SICK of the customer service.  You can go to Comcast Xfinity and get service and they use Verizon towers....  anyways... Ryan listened to me, calmed me down... looked into my account and said he sees where I paid.. the problem was ... the girl online that did my pre order, did it wrong.  YES, they entered my pre-order wrong so I had to put up with all this garbage.  Ryan  told me he was overnighting me my phone and kept apologizing to me and said he really hopes I don't leave Verizon as I was a long time customer.  He needs to be a supervisor over the CS reps and fire everyone of the rude ones.  Any ways... I got my White Prism phone yesterday and it is gorgeous.  If it wasn't for Ryan, I would not of gotten my phone with Verizon.  Verizon has great service as far as towers etc goes.... but they really lack on customer service. 

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i spent over two hours dealing with them trying to go from post paid to pre paid and after being told my # was cancelled they never even cancelled it!!!!!!! if it was not for the coverage where i travel i would have been done years ago.....charging roaming on a nationwide plan??really????