VM error message: no VM number on SIM


Good day to us all.

     Just recently, I noticed that when I get a voice mail indicator on my home screen, I press that icon.  It takes me to the voice mail page, where I have the option of subscribing to visual voice mail or to call voice mail.  I press that I want to call voice mail and get the following message:  "No voicemail number on SIM card."

     What is particularly frustrating to me is that this is a new issue.  Up to now, I haven't had any problem with VM, so I know that the device can retrieve it.  If I dial the *86, I can get my messages.  I went to a local verizon wireless store and was advised to update my system.  I tried that and was told that the system is up to date.  I then reset the phone, thinking that would solve the issue, but the issue remains.

     When I check the call settings, it says that I have "no carrier" for voicemail service.  I don't understand this, since I am able to retrieve the VM through dialing the *86.

     Question:  Does that mean that my icon on the home screen is useless?  Is it possible to fix this issue so that it functions as before, and if so, any advice would be most appreciated.

Hopefully this makes sense....

Running 4.4.2

Thanks in advance.


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Re: VM error message: no VM number on SIM

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is very strange MarvinJS808! You mentioned that you reset the phone. Please ensure that you reset as per the steps at this link http://vz.to/1mZotDR and also make sure to uncheck at step 4. Keep us posted.

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