Update issues


On 8/8/14 my S5 ran a software update in the middle of the night.  After the update the phone wouldn't work.  The screen kept freezing, the screen lock button on the side of the phone won't unlock the screen, and if you are by chance in the phone trying to lock it, it often won't do that either.  It wont' read the SD card and deleted half my photos (yes, I did have them backed up).  The phone won't restart or shut down it just freezes.  I have to continuously pull the battery to get the phone to restart.  After picking up a replacement phone through my service protection plan on 8/13/14, everything worked great until the update ran overnight and then the SAME things started happening again.  I'm now waiting for yet ANOTHER replacement phone so that I can actually USE the phone I paid for. Any ideas on what might be causing this?  I was also getting error messages on the replacement phone that VZWWAVSService has stopped.  The phones have been hard reset multiple times but this does not help.  I contacted Samsung yesterday and they couldn't provide any answers.  What is going on here? Is there a fix for this?

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