Two storage questions


So, I have had the Galaxy S4 since June and I totally love it.  However, I have noticed that I have 11.94 GIGABYTES of "misc files"  which is absolutely absurd to me.  As a result, I only have 800 some MB of storage on the phone left (I also have a 16GB mini sd card, but we'll get to that later).  I have tried using clean master app, it doesn't do anything to the misc files.  I've tried disk usage to see what they are, and they don't even SHOW UP on the app.  I've tried freeing up some space by moving photos and videos to dropbox then deleting them off my phone...nothing is working! How do I fix this? 

Now, the microSD card is also giving me problems.  I tried using AFT to move files from my computer to my phone, but the SD card would never let me do anything (now I can't even hook my phone up to it, btw) So I have to take the SD card out, and put it in a memory card reader to transfer files.  I also don't know how to transfer files to my SD card right from my phone. 

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Re: Two storage questions


Can you touch the Misc files and see what is listed as the heavy space users?

As for the micro SD card, I  would suggest this.  Copy the contents of the card to a temp folder on your computer.  Properly disconnect it frrom the computer and put back into the phone.  From the phone format the SD card only.  To be safe you might want to also copy the contents of the internal memory to another folder on your computer PRIOR to formatting the SD card.  Then try to connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable that came with the phone.  Can you see both the internal and external SD card storage memory with you computer's file explorer?  If yes, you can copy the contents you placed in the temp folder back onto the SD card.

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