Traveling to Korea Long Term



This Saturday, I am leaving to study abroad in South Korea for four months. I had an iPhone 4S but was told that I would be unable to use it overseas at the Verizon Store and was encouraged to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which I was told was unlocked and is capable to use abroad. I wasn't up for an upgrade, so I had to pay full price for this new phone, but I thought it would be worth it because I would be able to use it overseas. I am now reading people saying how it is not easy to use abroad and I will be extremely unhappy if I cannot use it considering I paid over 600 dollars for this phone. I know Verizon has Global services, but I am going for four months and would rather use a Korean SIM Card and sign onto a Korean plan rather than use Verizon's services for my four months abroad. Is there anything I need to do before I leave to ensure a Korean SIM Card will work? Thank you.

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