Stuck on "dialing" and not receiving calls.


Hi All,

I have been reaching out to verizon and samsung for a month or so trying to isolate a problem I am having. I got the S6 and immediately noticed when I tried to make a call, it would stay on "dialing" for approximately 1 minute before telling me "no signal" and hanging up. I do this several times and after about 6 times trying to call someone, it will finally dial out. Then I noticed I was not receiving some calls, after people asked me why I didn't answer or would tell me they called me. I noticed the phone had a defect in the glass, some type of air bubble or something. I took the phone back and exchanged it for a new one within my 14 day trial.

The new S6 worked great while I was at the store and shortly after I left. I received a new sim card as well. A day later I started having the same issue as the first of not being able to call and not receiving some calls. This happens sporadically and in different locations. No consistency. I also noticed the 4g dropped to 1x when attempting to make a call. I asked Verizon and Samsung both about his and still have yet to receive any help. Just more questions about different things from them. I read about this happening because advanced calling was not activated. So I literally just now activated it. I hope this will remedy the issue. We will see. I hope 5.1 addresses the issue. I could not find anyone with the same issue, only issues with dropped calls. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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