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I have a Galaxy S6 Edge which apparently had a system software update during the night which failed. I went to bed with a fully functional phone, when I woke up I had a blue screen and a Startup Failed message.

I took the phone to a Verizon store who in turn sent me to a Samsung Kiosk at Best Buy stating it was a manufacturer problem, the Samsung rep attempted to reload the latest system software without success. At that point he recommended wiping my data and doing a factory reset. I had an ~$800 brick at that point so I gave the go ahead. After multiple attempted he was unable to factory reset.

The Samsung rep stated their software updates are handed over to Verizon for branding and proprietary app injection; and these changes are most likely what caused the failure.

I was then directed to a larger Verizon store managed by Victor Ramirez (1220 Oak St Bakersfield, CA 93304) who stated he was the highest ranking Verizon representative in the area. I explained the situation above to Victor and he listened and stated there was nothing he can do, since I did not purchase insurance. He then went on a pitch about how I should always purchase insurance for these types of situations. I tried to explain how I should not need insurance to protect me from my service providers mistakes, but Victor cut me off and became very argumentative and belittling at this point stating I have to pay full retail for a new phone and there is nothing he can/will do. It was not a good experience and as a small business owner I am amazed this person is in a management position. I stated I no longer wish to speak with him and completed a full retail purchase of a new phone with the sales associate who had a much better grasp of customer relations... Unfortunately I get the feeling this may have been Victors intention all along with his aggressive posturing.

I realized later this had nothing to do with the software update bricking my phone, but the fact that my phone screen had a small crack in the corner. If this is in fact true, I am very disappointed with Verizon policies. My phone was fully functional (crack and all) before I went to bed and when I woke up it no longer functioned after a Verizon update.

I was not looking to get a free new phone from Victor/Verizon, but an explanation of how this happened and why they take no responsibility. Also the fact that Verizon does not provide technical support services like its competitors is very disheartening.

SO the question is.... Does Verizon advertise that it has a 'buy a new phone' software update for all customers without insurance? Has this happened to anyone else? Verizon needs more accountability for his actions in my opinion and the ability to disable automatic system updates!

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