Samsung and VoiceMail Workaround :)


I called Verizon and asked them what happened to my VoiceMail and was told that it was no longer and now have to dial *86 and enter your password - GRRRR!

Verizon is not aware of a workaround, and not all reps even know that this is happening. So, if you are a Samsung user and your VoiceMail app no longer works I have good news ... There is a workaround. Oh, and if you haven't lost the VoiceMail app ... you will. Samsung no longer supports the app with this icon. th.jpeg

Here is the workaround.

Create a new contact - I used "Voicemail"

enter *86,,xxxxx  for the phone number .... The xxxxx is your voicemail password. The ",," causes a pause to the password will be accepted.

Save the contact

Hold down on your new contact and "Add shortcut to Home screen"

Now all you have to do is to tap your new icon to go your voicemail.

I downloaded the old voicemail icon and used it for the new voicemail contact.

I did call Verizon back and gave the rep this process.

Visual Voicemail is NO LONGER!

This was NOT a Verizon choice.

Hope this helps settle some frustrations with Samsung ....


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Re: Samsung and VoiceMail Workaround :)

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It's not just older Samsung phones that are affected, see:

Bye-Bye Visual Voice Mail