Samsung Galaxy S3 / Many problems recently arrived, help!


I have a Verizon contracted Samsung Galaxy S3

Recently, this past week, my phone stopped sending picture messages, but will receive them. I've tried it while connected to different WiFi's, even my home. I have turned my WiFi off is many different locations and tried sending a picture message to different contacts, one at a time, and still nothing. I have had 4G LTE every time I've tried....

Now just today, my phone is not making the notification sounds. All sounds are on,system sounds work, receiving a call ringtones work...just do not get a sound when I receive a message.

Please help me fix this!


Android Version: 4.1.2

My network, jumps from Extended Network, to searching for service, and roaming.

The Service state jumps from In service, to out of service.

Roaming always says, Not roaming-unless my signal triangle in the notification bar has the roaming triangle present.

Mobile Network State is always connected.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 / Many problems recently arrived, help!

Customer Support

Hi AmandaRS - Let's get your messages incoming again! Are you getting any specific error messages? Does this happen with messages from different contacts, both Verizon and other carriers? Are you using the native Messaging application or a 3rd party app? Are notifications working for other apps like Facebook or games?  I am eager to get to the bottom of this!

Thank you,

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