S4 charging problems


My son's S4 phone stopped recognizing the charger when it's turned on. If we power the phone off and plug in the charger (wall outlet), the screen will show a gray battery, go dark and then switch to the green (partial) battery, then vibrate and go back to the gray battery. This cycle continues. If he leaves it powered off and plugged in overnight, it is 100% charged by morning. We've had the phone about 7 weeks. We tried swapping the charger with another S4 in the household. The problematic phone behaves the same, and the charger seems to work with the second S4. Other than that, we've only used the original charger that came with the phone. My son can't think of any new apps or changes to the phone before it stopped recognizing the charger. Help??

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Re: S4 charging problems

Customer Support

Hello chemnitz! Sorry to hear about the problems with charging your son's S4. I compliment you on the troubleshooting you've done so far. It indicates that there may be a problem with the device itself rather than the charger. If you haven't already spoken with Technical Support about this device issue, then please use these steps (http://vz.to/1gBiqkv) to follow my handle (DionM_VZW) so that we can communicate privately. Thanks!

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