S3 reboots "regularly" every 1 day 11 (+/- a few) hrs


My unrooted/stock Verizon S3 keeps rebooting, somewhat regularly every 1 day and about 11 hours. It's been doing this for a few months, but I just found this app to keep a log. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to read the actual log to find out any cause for the crash.

I have the latest updates of both the system and apps, I'm really puzzled. Does this look like a hardware or software problem?

Should I try a factory reset? Or just ask for a replacement phone? (I got the phone around the start of the year). If I'm going to have to set the the phone up again from scratch (sounds very tedious), perhaps it makes more sense to do this with a replacement phone?

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.

(below the boot log and the phone info screen)


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