Restoring my Galaxy S III OS from the KitKat update


Is there any way that I can go back to the previous version of the Android OS for my Galaxy S 3. Since I updated to KitKat last week, my battery depletes much faster (there is no issue with the battery, it's only about one month old and was working perfectly prior to the update) and the phone randomly restarts making regular use of the device incredibly annoying.  There is also an issue with signal strength and WiFi continuously cutting off and back on.  I need the phone for work and it is getting very frustrating since it will reboot in the middle of phone calls or writing emails.  I realize that most of these issues are probably at the fault of Samsung but as a Verizon customer, I expect support for my mobile device.  These problems seem to be occurring with many Samsung devices released prior to the Galaxy S 5 across all carriers and no real solution has come about.  The only advice that has been given is to run the device in safe mode or try a factory reset, both options seemingly do not fix the problems.  I need to know what options I have available if reverting to the previous OS is not possible which seems to be the consensus among the forums.  If these issues are not addressed soon, I will have to change device manufacturers or carriers.  Thank you for any help that you can provide.   

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Re: Restoring my Galaxy S III OS from the KitKat update

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Hello ray.j.humes, a working phone is super important! I'm sorry to say that once the phone is updated to the latest software, there is no way to revert back to the previous version. Was there any physical or water damage on the phone? What zip code are you located in? Does signal fluctuate between both indoors and outdoors? Also, check these settings to extend battery life:

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