Phone won't text or call one person


I have this weird problem where I can send texts to or call a friend of mine but she never receives it. On my end, texts show up as sent and when I call, I hear it ringing and then eventually voicemail.

This happened to me once before with a different friend. Both of them use iPhones but I can also contact other people with iPhones without any issues.

Another weird part of this problem is that if I send a group text including that friend, she will receive the text, just not any individual texts only to her. I can receive texts and calls from her with no problem.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5

OS: Android 6.0.1 (also happened on an earlier OS)

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Re: Phone won't text or call one person

Community Manager
Community Manager

veresatz, we want to ensure your friend can receive all of your texts from you. I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. It does make sense that the user can receive your group texts and not your individual texts since group texts work over data and therefore are considered to be MMS messages just like picture messages. iPhone users have their own message platform called iMessage which allows them to receive texts from other iPhone users over the cellular data or wifi network. They must enable regular SMS texts under their Settings>Messages if they want to receive regular text messages that do not transmit over a data signal from non-iPhone users. I'd definitely have your friend check to ensure that setting is enable. Regular text (not over data) show up in green on iPhone devices. While iMessages over data transmit in blue. All is working well from your phone however as the message does send from it successfully without an error message.

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