New version 4.3 has modified how the spacebar reacts to text entry.


Android 4.3 has changed the interaction of entering text messages and "word spelling".  Any use of the spacebar on entry of words causes the program to automatically pick the first word supplied in the list of possible words.  With the old version, you had to actually select the correct spelling from the list of works provided.  Selecting the spacebar would enter whatever was typied by the user!!

Sample.  The phone is setup as English and you are texting to someone in Spanish.  The phone's dictionary which is English automatically selects the first word of the possible matches when you press the spacebar.

Is there an option that a person who is using more than 1 language can select within the texting app the proper language dictionary for the specific language being used?  Windows has had the "multiple languages" option in MS Outlook & Word.

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