Need Email App for S7 Marshmellow to allow account selection for email reply


I am upgrading from a Note 2 with Kit Kat.  The default email app allowed me to reply from any of my email accounts irrespective of which of my accounts received the email.  I have Office 365-Exchange collect email from a number of POP3 email addresses I have with GoDaddy, etc and I can see the account that the email was sent to. I want to reply from that same email address-account even though it was routed through my Exchange.  The new default email app does not have the From field and it is VERY hard to find an email app that supports Exchange and Pop3.  Since I don't sych or pull from the POP3 accounts and only send, I see that some apps let me set them as IMAP accounts and that works.  Any suggestions on a third party app for Marshmellow that supports Exchange  ActiveSync and ideally POP3 accounts?

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