My Samsung S7 has a gray tint to the screen


My Samsung S7 now has a "gray tint" to the screen, I can still see my apps - but it's like a gray haze covering 98% of the screen. What does this mean and why is it happening? How do I fix it? 


Re: My Samsung S7 has a gray tint to the screen

Community Manager
Community Manager

It would be difficult to be happy with a screen that is not in full color, socalracegirl. Having not come across an instance personally where a phone goes gray, I went searching for an answer and found something similar on Samsung’s community forums here:


The main takeaway is that we need to discover if this tint is hardware related or software related. The solution to finding that out is to place your Galaxy S7 in Safe Mode. Here’s how:

What does the screen look like when in Safe Mode?


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