Multiple issues after latest software upgrade!!


I upgraded my GS3 on Sunday, and have encountered multiple issues with the phone.  It's extremely frustrating!  I've wasted multiple hours trying to resolve the issue, but it seems more pop up daily.  Stopped by the Verizon store, and the rep indicates that it is a Samsung issue.  Here are the issues:

Music Player - after I selected an album, I cannot go back to the list of albums by hitting the BACK key.  Have to the hit HOME key, then go back into the music player to start all over again.  Occurs with multiple albums.  Hitting the BACK key 15-2- times eventually gets me to the list of albums.

Text Messaging -  I get a new message indicator when there is no new messages. This is intermittent, does not occur with all text messages...  No specific pattern.  Have to RESET the phone to get rid of the indicator.

Phone call indicator - missed call indicator does not go away after clicking on RECENT to check activity.  Need to do phone RESET to get rid of indicator.

Internet - browser freezes and touch screen is non-responsive. Occurs on various websites at random times. 

Battery Drain - fully charged battery drained in less than 6 hours.  Prior to upgrade, a full charge lasts a day and a half.

Ringtones - assignment of various standard (factory) ringtones to different contacts were gone.  Contacts with ringtones previously assigned now are associated with random tones.

Email settings - could not customize settings for email accounts.  Received a " Unfortunately, email has stopped working" message.

Bluetooth - had issues pairing with another user. 

These are all new issues.... none of these occurred prior to the update. 

I've done multiple RESETs and POWER ON/OFFs.  Also removed SIM card, cleared CACHES and HISTORY, and purged memory, etc.  Not going to do a FULL RESET since that'll take a long time to reload media, etc.

I have since resolved the email settings issue resolved, but the other issues remain.  If there's anyone who've also encountered the above and have a solution, I'd appreciated it. 


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