Multiple Problems Since KitKat 4.4.2 (S3)


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I've had a Galaxy S3 for quite some time now, probably close to two years.  The device working great prior to the KitKat update (4.4.2), but now is experiencing a number of issues that is making it near un-usable for me.  These issues include:

  • Not charging when plugged into certain USB cables.  The unit charged fine prior to the update, now it just shows a red X through the battery.
  • Incredible keyboard lag.  There has always been some lag when starting to type and auto-correct/Swype starting up, but the issue is much more pronounced after the update.
  • Poor reception.  I've noticed that since the update I am in 3G mode (instead of 4G) far more often then I was before.
  • Poor call quality.  Since the update, 1 out of 3 of my calls are echoy to the point where I have to hang up.  Often hanging up and trying again, while in the same location, will correct this.
  • Cursor jump in the Email (not Gmail) client.  This is an issue that I did not have prior to the update.  When I compose an email, often using Swype, and I hold down the delete button to delete an entire word - the cursor will jump randomly to the middle of the page and delete the wrong word/words.
  • Apps crashing.  Ever since the update, my Google Play Music and Maps apps are unstable, and will crash often.

Because of this update, the device has gone from being one that I could use just fine and had no issues with, to one that is near un-usable.  What are Verizon's plans to remedy the numerous problems with this update? (it appears, through some quick google searches, that I am not the only one to be experiencing these).  I was considering a new phone, but am grand-fathered into the unlimited data plan, and now do not also want to "reward" Verizon's bad behavior of this horrendous update with an additional purchase.  At a minimum, I would expect Verizon to have a method for backing out of this update.



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Re: Multiple Problems Since KitKat 4.4.2 (S3)


I should also note that most of these issues are also occurring on my wife's S3 as well, to various levels of severity.