MMS Texting Issues


I am so very very tired of this problem and waiting for Verizon to fix it.  This has been an ongoing problem for many many years, and its ridiculous.  This has occurred in the last 3-4 phones I have had, I believe S7 though, now, brand new S10e

If too many MMS messages get sent (and received??), either group or picture, in some unknown amount of time, I appear to go in to time out and can’t send or receive anything.  It lasts for about 15-20 minutes then I get flooded with every MMS I didn’t receive, and if I had been trying to send something it finally sends.  Ironically enough, if I miss too much, and get bombarded, I go right back in to timeout, that has only happened a few times

I have no clue how many messages it is, or within what time that unknown number of messages is.

It is like there is some limit on how much and how often they can be sent.  The messages just queue up and nothing goes.  Reboot phone, no help. Airplane mode briefly, no help, turn off WiFi, no help, change SMS apps, no help, including Messages, Messages+, and Textra to name a few.  During the timeout period, none of them work and nothing can be done to resolve it but wait.  Multiple groups, multiple people, all different carriers, some Verizon, some not, iPhones as recipients, assume some Samsung

This is literally a brand new phone, and it did the same thing as all the rest did.

Verizon, please go ahead with your canned responses telling me how important it is to get fixed and shouldn't be happening, and ask whatever questions you need.


Here are two other Verizon threads I found, with the exact same issue, which have now been closed without resolution





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