Lost SD card but photos are in "back-up assistant"


I lost my SD card but need photos that were on it. They show up in "back-up assistant" but when I attempt to email them somewhere it states "file cannot be found" is there any way to obtain these pictures on the internet or in any other way?

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Re: Lost SD card but photos are in "back-up assistant"

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This is one of the many problems with Verizons Backup Assistant and or Verizon Cloud. They let you get your pictures into it but never let you get them out.  From the other posts I have seen on here, you need to contact Verizons 800 number and get with an Actual Tech person so they can open it up for you to copy and or email them to yourself.

In the future I would use Dropbox or Lookout Mobile Security or something else that backs up your pics, music, etc... and actually lets you get to them when you need or wan them