It's 2015, why do we still have an un-unlockable bootloader?


I understand that Verizon doesn't want people to root their devices, ect... (tethering, issues potentially caused by rooting ect)

But think of it this way, we're no longer receiving updates are we? I doubt we will be getting Android L anytime soon, if ever. We're probably not going to be getting any security updates either(Latest fw on sch i535 vulnerable to the futex exploit from nearly a year ago....(towelroot))

I understand that Samsung is not going to be supporting the device anymore either.

Lets think of it this way:

You buy a puppy.

It's your first puppy and love it very much.

You always love your puppy, even after it grows up.

But then, one day you can only feed the dog one type of food or it will die.

You have to buy the food from one company.

You go on like this for a few years, then the company stops making the food for your dog.

You are unable to continue feeding the dog and you slowly watch it starve and you are unable to do anything.

You plea with the company, but the company wants you to buy a new puppy(newer phone, developer phone ect)

You are upset with the company and they ignore your plea...

I know this is not a great way to express how I feel about this but honestly...

If are not going to be receiving software updates, it's immoral to not allow us(community) to update the software ourselves or use diffrent software(Cyanogenmod, aosp ect)

You're chaining up an animal and leaving it without food, water or love.

How about this, offer the ability to unlock your bootloader by registering the device with an account(if it is paid off/out of contract). When this account tried to contact support, the representive is able to see that the devices bootloader is unlocked and can ssh that custom roms are unsupported...

I am not buying a "developer edition", don't even bring that up, this is 2015 not 2012.

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Re: It's 2015, why do we still have an un-unlockable bootloader?

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One reason is also that Verizon buys a remote viewing program (which can modify all aspects of your phone with 3 pages of permissions) from a company and has the phone maker place that app on the phone.  It cannot be removed.  Another great reason to justify your post.


Re: It's 2015, why do we still have an un-unlockable bootloader?

Unsurprising.  They're Control Freaks.  What gets me is that you can put a Rooted device in through tethering at the same effective level as the phone would be.  If you've got a USB dongle, you can even remove any control past their LTE controls they are justified in having.  There's absolutely *NO* reasons for it past what you've said there.

If I could get comparable coverage and access to data elsewhere, I'd have LEFT years ago.  (I am one of their "power users"- 80Gb allocation and I use it.  Business use.)