I have constant pop up ads


I have constant pop up ads on my phone and they get worse as time goes on. They told me at the store it was from an app that was downloaded and i need to find it and delete it. I deleted all the apps just to be sure but with no luck. This has been going on since i bought the phone. When i asked them again about it they didnt know how to fix it. I have other friends with the S7 having similar problems too. Now I'm having other issues. Sometimes my autocorrect doesnt work, it no longer syncs or finds my email and it wont let me reconnect it. I am also having issues with it randomly deciding not to connect to the Internet, even though i am on wifi most of the time it will lose connection and say retry later. Im about ready to throw  this phone away and cancel my contract. Its so frustrating for the price that we pay for the phones and the service. I never had any of these issues until i switched from my S5 to the S7

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Re: I have constant pop up ads


I am guessing you have a trojan or a virus on your phone. When do these pop ups appear? Are they on your web browser or apps such as Facebook? It is not your phone that is at fault. Do you have an anti virus program protecting your phone such at Verizon Support and Protection, Norton or Lookout? Running an anti virus program may find the virus and clean it out. Deleting apps may help. Perhaps you accidentally downloaded a virus or trojan on the web. Perhaps opening an email. Perhaps a trojan app. If all else fails, a factory reset will most likely get rid of the problem. I use Lookout Premium and it seems to protect me by checking apps and uses a VPN with protection on my Google Browser. The free version just checks apps.