How do you update Samsung Apps?


I want to know how do you update pre existing samsung apps on the Galaxy S4??

For instance if at 6:01am and never reboot phone;  I launch S Health after a factory reset and it says 'there is an update to S Health' but I dismiss it....How do I update that app again?

Its not on Google Play??

So I went to the support page and it says to go to on my mobile browser which will install the Samsung App application to my device

Yet after downloading the file it says 'You are about to update a pre existing app; do you wish to install' and I said.....WHOA where is that application on my phone?

I do own a Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet; there is a Samsung App application on the device.

Galaxy S4?? Nope I cant find it...I do have Samsung Hub...but that doesnt load pre existing apps such as S Health

Does anyone else know how to remedy this? Thanks

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