Galaxy S7 Edge Long SMS/MMS Problem


I've been with T-Mobile on iPhone for years and recently switched to Verizon and got a Galaxy S7 Edge. One of the first problems I noticed, which I'm not sure if this is a Verizon problem or an Android problem, is that I can't send or receive long text messages without them breaking up into multiple messages. This has literally never been a thing with T-Mobile on iPhone, and it is incredibly frustrating. The only real solution I've been able to find is that in the Messages->More Settings->Text Messages option there should be an Auto Combine feature, and there isn't one on my phone. If this is a Verizon problem, I'm strongly considering switching carriers because the last time "Messages are too long to send as one message" has been an issue, I was using a Nokia flip phone in 2005. If this is an Android issue, I will be returning my phone and getting an iPhone 6s because this should not be a problem. I'm not downloading some third party messaging app, I just want to use my phone as intended and be able to send and receive long messages as one single text that isn't garbled and isn't received as multiple messages over the course of two minutes. Is there a solution to this? And if not, should I switch carriers or switch phones to fix the problem?

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Re: Galaxy S7 Edge Long SMS/MMS Problem

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There is nothing worse than a garbled text message. I definitely understand your frustration but don't want you to leave Verizon. That being said, I know that it's urgent we get to the bottom of this right away. To confirm, are you using the Verizon Messages + application on your phone or are you using the native text app on the S7 Edge?


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