Galaxy S6 that's 4 mo. old won't charge.


Galaxy S6 that's 4 mo. old won't charge. When it's plugged into a charger, even directly into my PC my screen doesn't show it's charging. I have the total protection plan, and this is a device default. BUT 3 weeks after I got this phone the screen was cracked on a plane. It's been like that for months and the phone has worked fine.  Is insurance going to cover the charging issue or make me pay because of the screen?

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Re: Galaxy S6 that's 4 mo. old won't charge.

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Community Manager

I am sorry to hear about the crack on your phone’s screen and also the charging issue, MEG34209. I have been there before too and I know having a defect and/or damage on your phone is never a good situation. I can certainly help clarify this for you. The Total Mobile Protection covers you for defects after the one year warranty expires, lost, stolen, and physical/liquid damage. In the event you have any physical or liquid damage you will need to proceed with filing an insurance claim. Even though the crack has not impacted your phone’s performance it still voids the warranty because of the crack. Please review more details here: http://vz.to/2ay1nBs . Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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