Galaxy S4 free after rebate and trade in? apparently not


In February there were ads on TV and on Verizon website about Getting S4 free after rebate and trade in. Purchase online for $150 and get $50 rebate and automatically get $100 trade in value on smartphone in working order.(mine was)  I only got the $50 rebate and only $5.00 trade in value. Now Verizon customer service says there was no such promotion. My son saw it on TV and I saw it on the website. It was obvious. I met all the requirements now verizon not honoring it.

Anyone else remember this or have a problem?

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Re: Galaxy S4 free after rebate and trade in? apparently not


i look at verizon smartphone pricing every day on the website & unless verizon tv adds are different in different parts of the country (which i find hard to believe) i haven't seen any promotion like you describe.

what you describe i see at costco, best-buy, fry's electronics & others trying to draw folks in, then when the rebate doesn't come in, the buyer complains to verizon.

i seem to recall back in feb, the price jumped from $99 w/2 year to $199 & it's been back at $99 since the s5 was introduced at the big conference a few weeks ago.