Galaxy S4 Messaging App "send" button doesnt function when pressed


Yesterday my S4's send button stopped working. While in the messaging app, I type a message, and go to hit send, and it doesnt register a touch. All other apps work fine; the facebook messenger for example. The phone WILL send messages, but only if I hit "back" after typing my message. It also will send if I turn the phone 90 degrees to landscape. But it will nOtherwise, when I hit the "send" button it doesnt even register. However, it will register any other touch such as attachments or touching a contact face or message all work.

I am CERTAIN the screen is okay; because the screen retains functionality in all other apps on that part of the screen.

I have done a force stop/clear all data with the messaging app and restarted the phone. I dont know what to do, messaging is already frustrating enough with an S4, but now I have to hit back every time I want to send a text, too?

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Re: Galaxy S4 Messaging App "send" button doesnt function when pressed

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Hey there Jmsuter,

Let's keep those messages flowing. Are you using the stock messaging application or a 3rd party application? Place the device in safe mode,http://vz.to/1hCWfLm, and let us know if the issue persists.

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