Galaxy S 5 lollipop upgrade issues


Brand new S 5 phone last Thursday, works perfectly. Friday Verizon pushed Lollipoop (intended) update, and now I cannot send text messages. Best they can offer me is a replacement refurbished phone. ITS TWO DAYS OLD!!!! They say the problem requires me to get a new phone.

Got the original new phone from COSTCO, an authorized reseller. But Verizon will not replace the phone because their inventory systems are not connected with COSTCO. Guess were COSTCO sends the phone when I take it back to get a new one this Thursday?? VERIZON!!!

So the question is, do I get a new phone or wait for the expected fix for the text messaging issue? The new plan has unlimited text, (of course, I can't send any, what a deal.) I apologies here for the rant. Been a customer since Verizon was Cellular One, over 15 years ago. Service has gotten nothing but worse over the years. The rep used to meet me anywhere I was at, job site, office, home, and hand me a new phone whenever I had any issues and we were done in 5 minutes. So that quality of service is gone, I go to a store, wait around for almost 1 to 2 hours typically, and walk out with a broken phone. Almost EVERYTIME I upgrade. Each of the last 2 upgrades went through similar replacements, 5 years ago with the Droid Incredible, 3 years ago with a RAZOR.

So again I ask, when will the patch be released?

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Re: Galaxy S 5 lollipop upgrade issues


I feel your pain. I have had my last two phones wrecked by jelly bean and kit kat updates and have been through hell with verizon blaming Motorola and Motorola blaming Verizon. At no time did verizon do what they should have done and give me a new phone. Hours wasted, resets etc nothing worked. Now I have the Galaxy s5 and finally  have been given the right to refuse the Lollipop upgrade which I have done until it is a sure safe with no issues update.

I am sorry for you, myself and countless others that big red has left behind . frankly, I think all the carriers are  just as bad when it comes to customer care


Re: Galaxy S 5 lollipop upgrade issues


i had the same issue + unable to call when i download/installed 5.0.

my network had changed to gsm & needed to be changed back to lte/cdma.

settings, more networks/mobile network.

i also removed/re-installed the sim card & all functions were ok

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