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From Note 7 To S7 Edge

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Has anyone here gone from the note7 to s7 edge besides the obvious and the fact we didn't have much of a choice what do you like most about it  and what do you like the least about it. I am trying like hell to like this thing other then its a Galaxy I'm not doing so good. It's just not what I waited over 2 yrs to get but looks like I will have to wait another 2 years to get something else 

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Re: From Note 7 To S7 Edge


I exchanged my Note 7 for the S7 Edge. Personally, I see very little difference and love the S7 Edge. It does everything the Note 7 did, except for having the stylus, which, honestly, was just a novelty for me (albeit, one that I really liked).

Re: From Note 7 To S7 Edge


I am another Note 7 user forced into a downgrade that I didn't want. It's no N7, but it's as good as it gets. Screen seems a bit brighter than N7 for some reason. Getting so very tired of the same old ugly black, gold, and silver color options. I can't even find a good coral blue case. I heard rumors that a Coral Blue version will be released. If that is true I will explode like an N7 for being pushed to immediately downgrading to this silver poo-sicle. Still waterproof with great camera. Feels like it's made for dainty people which I personally don't like. It seems about as fast. I really miss the N7 ui. This version clearly makes the whole "downgrade feeling" complete and Verizon is always the last to release OTA updates so may be a while before Project Grace Touchwiz or Android 7 Nougat. No resident Content Scaling option but you can download an app to remedy. I miss the stylus. Overall it would be a good phone for someone who has never owned a N7. For me it is a cheap substitute although nearly as expensive. Hoping that N8 comes along soon (they are creating an 8 BTW) so I can ditch this paperweight and get a real phone again. Right now the S7 Edge is really the best N7 wannabe out there. R.I.P. N7. Your battery burned out long before your legend ever did.