Forced update totally made my phone useless!


I am surprised with all the attention and the delay for the Andriod update that these problems that Samsung and Verizon are fully aware of have not been fixed. It looks like they will NEVER be fixed. Google apps are the main reason things don't work on my phone. It is slow, I have had 4 sim cards and still can't hold 4glte in a 4glte covered area. I can only download using Chrome not the stock browser anymore. Pops are rampant as clicking to block pop ups does nothing. I had to get a new charger since the stock charge in a wall outlet couldn't even juice up the phone with it off. Now I can charge it but still battery drain is 3 times as fast as it was before. What is the point of these updates if they just cause more problems then they do fix? Why does Verizon refuse to just be straight with customers, they charge us enough monthly and showing a little appreciation goes a long way. I have been with Verizon Wireless since their inception and honestly I don't know how much longer I will stay with them since they have a serious problem with fixing updates that were designed to make the phone better. It has been a month since I updated and every day since then I want to chuck my phone through the Verizon store window.

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