Each update is worse than the last!!!


When I updated to 4.3, it introduced all kinds of problems with my SIII.  Power drain (2x faster than 4.2), camera intermittently deciding it didn't work, etc.  I hoped 4.4 would fix these.  The power drain is still there, and now there is an even bigger problem!

When I first updated to 4.4, it got stuck in a restart loop.  Eventually I managed to get it updated and running, but now it still shuts down randomly on occasion.  Sometimes after is shuts down (and may or may not loop), I get a message "Device memory damaged: The data partition has been corrupted.  You need to reset your device to factory defaults.  This will erase all your data."  Thanks Verizon for making a good phone bad, and then even worse in the 18 months I owned it.  Thankfully T-Mobile will now let us check coverage in our area with a borrowed phone, because if Verizon can't fix this, I am not sure I see any reason to stick with you.

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