Doze not working on GS6 Edge after Marshmallow update?



I updated my GS6 Edge to Marshmallow and over the past 5 days have noticed that my resting/dormant battery life has not changed when the phone is resting on the table for an extended amount of time. I'm still losing about 2% per hour overnight. I've optimized all apps that can be for battery and have checked which apps are using the battery and most of them are Google Services, Android OS, Cell Standby, and Android System.

Is there something wrong with Doze in this build? I know several people were having the issue on Nexus devices with 6.0.1.

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Re: Doze not working on GS6 Edge after Marshmallow update?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello VDPHB,

I can understand your concerns with the battery on your device. It is common for phones to lose some charge over a period of time, even when not in use. There are no known issues with the device in this regard currently.

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