Does anyone know about a Lemon Law on cell phones


HHello I would like to know if anyone knows about a 'lemon Law' on new cell phones that have had to be replaced 4 times now.  Verizon keeps wanting to send me a Like New Refurbished    cell phone. And after going thru so much with these cellphones, I don not want another like-new one. I have the Samsung -s4 and have had nothing but problems with it. I read Verizon contract about replacements and it says that they can send you " A new one, a Like-new refer ones , or ones that is like the first new one. But all I keep getting from then is we can only send you a  Refurbished one. Not Cool! I have been going round and round with Verizon for over two weeks now spending hours on the phone not counting the 5 hours I spent in town at the Verizon store. So if anyone could please help me to see how I can go about getting a New Samsung s4 or better instead do someone else's give backs I would be so ever Grateful to you. Agape P. Craig

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Re: Does anyone know about a Lemon Law on cell phones

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Hello P.Craig,

I'm definitely saddened to learn of the issues that you're having with your device. We always want your device to meet your expectations. When it comes to replacements under warranty, the manufacturer of your device (Samsung) does offer replacement for the same make/model. I do apologize for the troubles with your device. Although we would be unable to offer a new or alternate device, we may have an alternative option. Have you attempted to reach out to Samsung directly for assistance? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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