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Hello...heres the short version:

I have a widget of a contact...and my contacts are sync'ing with Facebook...When my contact updates their photo on Facebook; my Contact App updates; but my widget does not.

Heres the longer version:

Okay I know there are two ways to create a widget/contact.  For instance....lets say you have a Contact named John Smith...lets say you talk to him more than anyone so you want a Fast Shortcut....and John Smith has a full fledged Facebook Profile.  John Smith has his name, phone numbers, address, and more.  So you want a quick and easy way to get access to John Smith; right?

Theres two ways to create this shortcut on one of your homescreens....The first option I'm sure everyone will do is to hold down on part of your screen and choose 'add widget'...as you scroll thru you will come across a 'Contact' widget...its a 1x1 size...which is the size of any app on your homescreen...so you click it and drag it to a space on your homescreen.  Next it will bring up your full conact list...here you will scroll down and select John Smith.  John Smith now appears on your homescreen pages.  Click the "icon" and you have quick access to Name/Phone Numbers/Address/Facebook/and Maybe More

Now lets say John Smith updates his photo on Facebook, you know this cause you just launched Facebook an hour ago....so you go into your Contact List...and you're like "hmmm no updated photo"...so you go into your Settings>Accounts>Facebook>And you see the last time it sync'd with your phone...which was 1 day ago...you're thinking "okay no biggie theres a 'sync now' option"  Voila.....Your Contact App now reflects his updated photo....so you back out of your Contacts or you Click your Home Button and you see that..........yep....his photo didnt update.  So you remove the battery...you reboot device....,and no go.

Now you could just remove this shortcut and re add it but what if you were accustomed to previous cell phones that automatically updated the photo?  This is where I am landing...I'm here asking if the Galaxy S4 has this feature?

Ahhh dont forget theres another option to go by......

So remember I said the common way of adding the shortcut was going thru Widgets?  Well theres 1 more way of adding a contact to your home screen....and that is...going into your contacts...find the one you want...John Smith...Hold down on the screen til a menu appears and if you scroll to bottom (Galaxy S4) theres an option that says "Add shortcut to Home Screen".  And voila...theres John Smith on your homescreen...His photo is the Icon/App that again you have easy/quick access to all the numbers he published...his Map (Address) and a quick link to Facebook + others if he has it....

But again when John Smith updates his Facebook Profile pic....and you know cause you just exited it...You re sync' under Settings and again while it reflected on your Contact App...it still didnt affect your Shortcut!

So my previous Cell phone was a Motorola Droid Razr (1st Edition)....my droid razr did have that feature...when someone changed their profile pic it would reflect the widget too.

The Galaxy S4 (for me) doesnt do that....my Contact Photo still changes when I manually perform a Sync and it shows up in the Contact App, but it doenst reflect the Widget....is this natural for Samsung?  Or is my Device not working correctly?


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Re: Contact photo not updating widget


Heres an update:

Okay whether you use the Widget to add a contact to your homescreen

Or you go into contacts; find your contact and hold down to select menu that says "add shortcut"

Either way....if they have a photo it will product a photo icon on your homescreen.

Everyone knows this....however what I did find out is that when a person has a Facebook linked with that contact and they update a photo; when you click that Shortcut their updated photo will appear in that small window of theirs...however it wont update your shortcut you created....does that make sense?

As to why? I dont know Smiley Sad