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Contact information is duplicating- Whats the best way to stop and correct duplicates?

My Galaxy S6 continues to duplicate contact information. It will take my contacts street addresses and repopulate the information as a second , third and forth address below the original. I wiped all this out before but came back.  Its like curse.  I tried turning off my cloud, then correcting my over 500 contacts in my phone. I turned my cloud back on and allowed my contacts to be backed up to the cloud. Soon after that the same problem  returned. 

  Verizon store was nice and tried to help but had to refer me to phone support.   Phone support suggested the corrections I mentioned, but the problem returned. I should mention that many of contacts were migrated from a flip phone, then an S4, then another S4, then finally to an S6.

  I suppose that I could redo my contacts again, but I would need to know that they will not be corrupted again after all that work.  Is it better to dump my phone then redo the cloud? or dump the cloud and redo the phone?  I just need to know that when I do re sync my phone with the cloud that all information remains single and uncorrupted.  Any thoughts?

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