Connection problems on pretty new Galaxy S4


3 month old Galaxy S4 : phone rings, I swipe to answer, clock starts running but no one is there.  I hang up on them and they call back and it works fine. 

Also, I'll make a call, I hear the little chime that indicates it's making a connection, but then no ring tones can be heard.  On the other end, the person I call has their phone ring but when they pick up there's no one there.  So now, when I try to make a call and I get no ring tone, I just hang up and then call again right away and it seems to work fine the second attempt.  WTH is going on???   And why is Verizon not supporting these problems?  I can't find a number to call to ask these questions of their support team!

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Re: Connection problems on pretty new Galaxy S4

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Just go through the phone tree/options I think option 3 is tech support.

Customer Service

(800) 922-0204

or dial *611 from your mobile phone
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7 AM - 11 PM, Mon - Fri
8 AM - 9 PM, Sat - Sun

Customer Service - Prepaid

(888) 294-6804

or dial *611 from your mobile phone

6 AM - 11 PM, Mon - Sun