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Clock runs 6 minutes behind after 4.3 download

I have a lot of the same issues that everyone has with their G3 since 4.3; poor battery life, iffy WiFi connection, and flaky connection with the Bluetooth in my Prius - There is another issue with my G3 that since the 4.3 download that I have not seen anyone make reference to. 

The day after I did the 4.3 download, I happened to notice that the clock on the phone was 6 minutes behind the clock in my bedroom.  I figured that the alarm clock was fast, but when I checked the phone against my atomic clock, I realized that the Network time on my phone was indeed 6 minutes behind.

Thinking that the automatic time had somehow been disabled with the update, I went to Settings > Date and time > Automatic date and time / Use network-provided time, and found the that the box was checked; so I unchecked and rechecked; no change.  Then I unchecked and manually set the correct time; but when I re-checked the box; it instantly went back to being 6 minutes behind. 

Rebooting did correct the time, until a few days later when it happened again.  This has happened to me several times since, and it is always 6 minutes slow; never 5 minutes, never 7 minutes....  

Has anyone else had issues with their clock after downloading 4.3? 

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Re: Clock runs 6 minutes behind after 4.3 download
Customer Support

Hi there, cellsell2005! Gosh, that clock readout you're seeing is an unusual issue. I'd like to know more about it so that I can help you solve it. Please use these steps for following my handle (DionM_VZW) so that we can engage in direct messaging: Thanks!

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Re: Clock runs 6 minutes behind after 4.3 download

The link to the rep is .

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.