Can't use the mobile hotspot on my Galaxy S7 Edge


I am on the beyond unlimited plan and have 15GB of wireless hotspot usage but when I try to connect my Galaxy S7 Edge I get the message that I need to subscribe to the Mobile Hotspot service. I have searched in the My Verizon section and on the app and cannot find anything about a Mobile Hotspot Service to make sure my phone is signed up for.

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Re: Can't use the mobile hotspot on my Galaxy S7 Edge

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Community Manager

chgruver, being able to utilize your mobile hotspot is an important function and I myself use it on a daily basis. We want to get that up and running for you right away. If we are receiving a message about needing to be subscribed the feature may be blocked on your existing line. You can learn more about setting up your mobile hotspot at this link: http://vz.to/2BCDO9L


I have sent you a Private Message in your inbox so we can further assist and access your account. 



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