Can't send MMS/txt's with picture attachment


Before the jelly bean update I had no problems with MMS or picture texts but it seems after the update, my phone stopped sending picture texts/MMS. First it took 12 hours to send a MMS then after a day it just stop sending them all together. I see that its "trying" to send and eventually after many hours, it will fail.

I have no problem receiving them, I just can't send them...

This is what I have done so far...I have checked if my 'mobile data' is turned on (it is), I have turned on/off wi-fi (sent while off, sent while on), I have uninstalled my txt app I use (handcent SMS), I have tried sending them via the stock txt app, I have reset my phone to stock.

I know there's a good amount of people having this problem. If anybody knows what's going on, any info would be GRAND!


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Re: Can't send MMS/txt's with picture attachment

Customer Support

Hello Djtouji! I love sending and receiving MMS messages, so I can understand the importance of getting this resolved for you today. You have already completed many of the steps I would have taken to resolve this issue. The next best step would be to replace the phone, if it's still under warranty. Please follow me (ChaunceyM_VZW) and send me Direct Message. Include your wireless number and I will call you.


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