Can anything be done about poor signal on my street?


I live on Sunset Trl in Plymouth, MN (55441).   Although Verizon seems to have the best coverage of all carriers, the reception on my street is horrible.  According to the Antenna Search, there are 39 towers within 4 miles of my house, but at best I get two bars on a good day.  To send a text, I often have to step outside and wave my phone around.   To make things worse, our Nanny also has Verizon and is experiencing the same problem.   We can't often text each other if she's inside the house -- they simply won't go through.   I don't think adding an cell booster to my roof would help, since my signal is no better up there.  I'm not going to spend $200 to maybe get two bars.  

I'm hoping someone from Tech Support will respond.  I've read about removing the sim card and replacing it, so will try that tonight.    Otherwise, is Verizon doing anything to improve the signal in this area?  I may have to switch carriers when my contract is up.

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