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Calls Not Coming Through or Not Ringing (Galaxy s21 Ultra)


I am in sales and have, apparently, garnered a reputation with the delivery drivers for not answering my phone. Beyond there, obviously, being times that I just cannot answer, it is being portrayed as a constant issue and has put me in a tough situation with management. I recently had two situations occur where the driver claimed to have called several times before I finally answered. They have stated that it would sometimes go straight to voicemail while, on other occasions, ring between 1 to 3 times before transferring to vm.  For whatever reason, they are not leaving a voicemail and management is acting as if it is a huge issue to ask them to do so. Of course, this makes zero sense to me as it would ensure that I receive a record of the call in the form of a vm notification regardless of whether or not I receive a missed call notification. In these two instances, when looking at my call logs, both on the phone and on Verizon's site, I am only showing incoming calls in the instances where I answered and had a conversation. I have presented these logs to management to defend myself  but stated that I would continue to research what the issue might be. So... is there any light someone can shed as to why this is happening and / or how to stop, or at least minimize, this from happening? 


Re: Calls Not Coming Through or Not Ringing (Galaxy s21 Ultra)

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We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.