9/29 Update Horrible - Stagefright CVE-2015-3864 Detected, Corp Email Gone!


Verizon, please get your act together once and for all on this Stagefright issue.  I use my Galaxy S6 to access corporate email and calendars and I travel constantly.  I need this access on my phone. The company uses Airwatch.  After installing the previous OS (G920VVRU3BOG5) I was able to get Airwatch compliant and start receiving corporate email, calendar, tasks using the S6's stock clients.  As soon as I installed yesterday's OS update (G920VVRU4BOG7) Airwatch detected Stagefright vulnerability CVE-2015-3864 and my phone was immediately quarantined by my Company's IT dept. No more work emails, schedules, tasks, anything!  And using Outlook Web Access is not a viable option.  Verizon, get your act together. I am blown away at how much resource you have and how poorly you are handling such a big issue. Fix this - Now! 

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