4.3 update issues are unacceptable!

Both Verizon and Samsung have denied any problems after the 4.3 update in Dec. From what I have researched, the update contained new software/hardware changes that block from being able to downgrade to the previous, more stable version of Jelly Bean and your phone will be bricked if you try.

browser crashes/internet becomes unresponsive (stock browser, Dolphin, Firefox, Chrome...)

phone is slow

4G freezes or become unresponsive/slow

text message auto-scroll to top when trying to type reply or new text

USB connection crashes Win Xp pc

repeatedly have to press back, menu, home and same when browsing

apps are slow and become unresponsive

unwanted changes to theme, settings

hidden changes to settings (had to research how to turn on USB debugging by repeatedly tapping About Phone/ Build in settings

Kies crashes Win Xp when connecting by USB

slow or unresponsive wifi connection

and on and on...

All brought to you by the largest and best and fastest 4G LTE network...VERIZON! YAY!!!

Supposedly, a supervisor is going to contact Samsung and call me back with the procedure to downgrade firmware back to 4.1.

I'm not holding my breath. I'm also not holding my breath, waiting for 4.4 to be released. Verizon is the slowest carrier for updates and they suck when you finally get them.

What I AM doing is researching other carriers/phones/plans and will jump ship if this is not fixed ASAP. I will advise my family and friends to do the same. Quite a few have already gone to iphone and another carrier after 4.3 disaster.

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