text issues, lag, battery drain...the list goes on.


I am now on my THIRD Note 3. No matter how many replacement phones I receive the same issues still exist!

1. Terrible lag.

   No matter what I do:

      Change it from global

      Turn off animations

      Use a different launcher

The home screen lags, the Internet and all apps.

2. Delay or unsent or unreceived texts.

I have deleted my threads and installed Go Sms Pro. Still no change.

3. No notifications for email

4. Internet is slow.

5. Notifications won't go away and/or keep returning after I clear them.

6. Lag on keyboard.

7. TERRIBLE battery drain.

8. Books on audible stutter

9. Sometimes the music and Pandora buttons on lock screen do not work. (Almost never works).

I love the transparent notification bar and the battery and WiFi being white,  but other than that this update has completely destroyed my experience with this phone.

Nothing helps! I did see a bit of a difference when I switched to Go Launcher EX,  but nothing substantial.

Besides Go Launcher and Go sms, I have nothing else downloaded.

(Besides the unused and unwanted garbage I am forced to have.)

Very disappointed. I do have to say that Verizon has been outstanding in their customer service and constant phone replacement.

How/when will these issues be fixed???

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Re: text issues, lag, battery drain...the list goes on.


Also I forgot to mention the reception is AWFUL!

And the only way I can install anything from the Play store is by downloading it to 100% where it stops, restarting my phone and waiting to see if it says installing or error with installing,  then repeating the process.