New App "Caller Name ID": My business has wrong name


I got a new Note 3. I am using the "caller name ID" app. When I call my cell phone from my business it comes up as one of my clients names with my number..what the heck? How do I change the data in the database for the "caller name ID" app?......this is not the general caller id info...it just the data in this app that displays the wrong name....help!

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Re: New App "Caller Name ID": My business has wrong name

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations on your new phone, Pittsmaster! I was so in love with the Caller Name ID that I kept it after the free trial! Let me ask you this, is it your company? Have you tried to call a landline phone (that has caller ID)  from the business phone to see if it appears the same?

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