Mobile Hotspot not enabling and Non-Verizon Message and Turkish Language Problem



I visited USA for holiday about 1 month ago. I bought Samsung Note3 from BestBuy store. When i come back to Turkey, I inserted Turkish Simcard Vodafone but phone doesnt let to use my phone. It says that, Non-verizon simcard.

After too much talking Bestbuy workers i learned that my phone should be activated by Bestbuy before i get it. Hopefully i found a my friend who goes to USA solved the problem to goto bestbuy shop and bestbuy workers unlock my phone. It is running with Turkish SimCard..

Now, i have still problems..

1- There is still Non-verzion message after rebooting my phone. To solve this problem temporary i'm using force stop SETUP WIZARD application from Settings > Application Manager. When i reset my phone, Non-verizon alert comes again and again..

2- When i'm trying to enable Mobile Hotspot, It says "Checking subscription status" and gives an error "Validation Error"

3- There isnt Turkish language option..

Please help to me :smileysad: I paid it for 800 USD but i'm not using corretly my phone.

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