KitKat update: factory resets do not work anymore! Suggestions?


Like many people I have had my Note 3 protected and running everything smoothly until this update. Last night I did a factory reset and it KEPT the KitKat update. I've had the device turned on for about an hour and a half now and, naturally, my battery is already down to 83%. This has turned my Note 3 into my old Galaxy S2.



- Prior to and post-reset I looked through battery-saving options; it affected nothing.

- The update causes the phone to guzzle down the battery

- My phone would never feel hot, the back of it now feels hot constantly

Poor text messaging.

- I have received 5 text messages in a row that were sent hours prior.

- Long messages can arrive spaced seven or eight minutes apart

Dropped calls

Just yesterday it started to drop my calls in areas where I have good reception.

Performance Lag

I have a Sonic game that has never given me any issues. Now it is very choppy and response times can be slow, sometimes it fails to register my inputs.

Verizon: you need to send out an option to reverse the OS because these are too many issues to make your customers wait around until a patch is developed. Terrible decision to release this update with (apparently) such poor testing. At least for now, THIS IS ONE OF YOUR TOP TIER PHONES we're talking about.

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Re: KitKat update: factory resets do not work anymore! Suggestions?

The one thing I'm having trouble with is getting the kitkat wallpapers that were suppose to come with the update.. How do  you get to those wallpapers... I didn't see any upload on wallpapers setting or anything. Help me out!