Excessive heating & battery drain on Note 4

My Note 4 experiences excessive heat (overheating) in a short period of time under normal usage (no heavy data games) & battery drain after the Lollipop update, please help! I've tried safe mode and the heat still occurs, so I think third party apps can be ruled out. I've tried one internet tip to pull  out the battery and SD card and insert the battery leaving the SD card out - still no progress.

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Re: Excessive heating & battery drain on Note 4


I also would like an answer to this question.  What is the phone doing that now that takes so much battery?  It's not something that I am using.  Usually about 8% overnight when I'm not even using the device.  It was 1 or 2 % on KitKat.  And good point, no 3rd party app advice please.